Aero City Group is always on the lookout for organizations and people who share our vision and passion for general aviation. Our model thrives on modern, safe and reliable leaseback aircraft for training, currency and rental for our network of pilots around the globe.

For these reasons, we work diligently with you and your Diamond or Cirrus Aircraft, or single-pilot jet to make leasebacks work for you whether you’re looking to offset the costs of ownership, keep your plane flying, outsource management, or contribute to the future of aviation.

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Why us?

Our commitment to excellence in safety and training standards led to our designation as the only Diamond Brilliance Flight Center in America. Our commitment to customer service and attention to detail ensures your airplane is kept in excellent condition.
Angel City Flyers runs parallel with Aero City Maintenance, the largest Diamond Authorized Maintenance facility on the West Coast, under Aero City management on the Long Beach airfield ensuring aircraft receive expert, factory-approved maintenance with priority scheduling and minimal downtime.
Flexible leaseback plans allow you to determine how many hours you want your plane to fly, how much revenue you’d like to make, with your schedule always a priority.
We work with you to find the best setup to maximize the offset of ownership costs and facilitate a tax-advantageous business use of your asset while providing turnkey management and oversight of your airplane, maintaining all records, managing subscriptions, scheduling maintenance, coordinating insurance and interstate commerce reporting for newly acquired aircraft.
Our experienced instructors, mechanics and management personnel provide a valuable 24/7 support team for an owners own operation.

Why Diamond Aircraft?

Diamond Aircraft carry the highest safety records in their class. These planes have great visibility, cutting edge avionics, excellent handling characteristics and unbeatable fuel efficiency making them the perfect aircraft for developing pilots with the capabilities that meet expanded mission profiles beyond that of a new pilot. The transition from DA40, DA42 and DA62 is relatively seamless allowing pilots to progress quickly while gaining confidence and proficiency.