Flight Training

Aero City Group Inc. companies provide training from private pilot up to type ratings for the most capable single pilot jets, all with a fleet of modern glass cockpit equipped aircraft.

Aircraft Rental

We provide unique access to the most modern aircraft from single engine piston up to single pilot jets with a uniformity of avionics throughout our fleet in multiple locations.

Aircraft Maintenance

AEROCITYMAINTENANCE specializes in the entire Diamond Aircraft piston fleet, Icon Aircraft and the newest Garmin equipped Cessna single-pilot jets for unparalleled expertise throughout the range of aircraft we service.

Aircraft Ownership

Our aircraft sales, brokerage, acquisition and management services focus exclusively on the aircraft we fly, train and maintain. These insights allow us a unique perspective in perfecting our customer service delivering unparalleled experiences.


In March 2020 twelve Aerprize finalists competed for a fully-funded FAA private pilot certification training at Angel City Flyers, Long Beach, California. Just like 2020 Tokyo ...

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Instrument Rating in a DA62

Yesterday, I successfully passed my FAA Multi-Engine Land Instrument Airplane Oral exam and Check Ride in a DA62, perhaps the most exacting test I have ever taken in my life!! I ...

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Japan in a DA62

Author: Seosamh Somers

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Faroe Islands

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Burning Man

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