Aircraft TypeAvionicsAircraft BaseSolo / hr
DA40 Diamond StarG1000KLGB (Long Beach, CA)200.00 USD
DA40 Diamond StarG1000 with KAP 140 APKLGB (Long Beach, CA)240.00 USD
DA42 2.0/NGG1000KLGB (Long Beach, CA)450.00 USD
DA42 2.0/NGG1000KHWD (Hayward, CA)450.00 USD
DA62G1000 NXiKLGB (Long Beach, CA)650.00 USD
CE510 Citation MustangG1000 / G1000 NXiNorth America1500.00 USD
CE510 Citation MustangG1000 NXiEurope2400.00 USD
CE525 Citation M2G3000KHWD (Hayward, CA)1950.00 USD
CE525 Citation CJ3+G3000 (New Version)KHWD (Hayward, CA)2900.00 USD


Training Rates

CFI (Hourly)80.00 USD
CFII (Instrument Instruction, Hourly)90.00 USD
MEI (Hourly)100.00 USD
Chief Pilot (Non-Turbine Training, Hourly)120.00 USD
Off Fleet Instruction (Non-Turbine Training, Hourly)120.00 USD
Off Campus Day Rate (Non-Turbine Training)800.00 USD
CE510 Instruction / Mentorship (Hourly)180.00 USD
CE510 Instruction (Half Day)650.00 USD
CE510 Instruction (Day Rate)950.00 USD
CE525 Instruction (Hourly)200.00 USD
CE525 Instruction (Half Day)700.00 USD
CE525 Instruction (Day Rate)1200.00 USD
Advanced Mission (Hourly, Half Day, Day Rate)300.00 USD, 1200.00 USD, 2000.00 USD

Aero City Jets Non-Turbine Training Rates Quoted Separately.


Simulator Rates

G1000 Flight Training DeviceKLGB25.00 USD
DA42 Flight Training DeviceKLGB110.00 USD
CE510 (Citation Mustang) Motion Flight Training DeviceKLGB / KHWD300.00 USD

Simulator denotes FAA-approved Flight Training Device/Advanced Aviation Training Device.


Aircraft, simulator and instruction billed separately. All costs are per hour unless otherwise stated. Rates subject to change without notice. Check with your flight training provider about current pricing and promotions.

Refer to Training and Rental Agreements for complete terms and conditions.