A client should only have one account. TSA/FTSP does not transfer information from one account to another. Having two accounts may cause delays in application processing; therefore it is critical that only one account exists. If a client has only had  recurrent type rating 61.58 for aircraft above 12,500 MTOW (Category 4) training authorizations in the past, it is appropriate for this client to follow the steps at https://fts.tsa.dhs.gov to create a new account.

If a client has had any other training (Category 1, 2, or 3) authorized by TSA after 2004, the client likely has an account. If the client has the same email address, they may go to https://fts.tsa.dhs.gov to recover their Username and reset the Password. Also, if the client completed this training at an Aero City Group location, the Angel City Flyers’ Customer Service and TSA team can provide them with their Username and confirm the email address on file, for faster access to their account. Otherwise, you or the client will have to email [email protected] with the following information:

New e-mail address
Full name as it appears on passport
Passport issuing country
Passport number
Passport issue and expiration date
Birth date

It is recommended that the pilot in question be cc’d on the e-mail to TSA with the full name of the pilot in the subject line.

Ensure you’ve enter the correct date of issuance on documents. TSA wants the issue date of the document not the date that the pilot first received a license or visa.

Upload an image of the license that reflects the issue date or type rating. Pilots must upload both sides (or all pages) of their license. Including both the personal information and the type rating information of the license including the issue date.

Ensure you’ve entered the correct number listed for the visa. The number used for the visa is the number in red, not the control number.

Listing type ratings. List all type ratings for all licenses, if the license does not contain any type ratings, list ‘none’.

Uploading documents. Multiple images of a document may be uploaded, but not multiple document types in one entry. Do not group multiple licenses or the visa, passport, etc. on one scanned file; ensure these documents are uploaded separately.

Passport numbers from Columbia and Venezuela. Pilots of these nationalities must use the punched number not the printed passport number.

Keep documents uploaded after TSA has reviewed an application. Once TSA sees an image of a certificate, they require that it remain on file. Do not remove any documents after TSA has reviewed your application.

For example, if the client uploads certificate in addition to their license. Even though the CFI or GI is not directly applicable to the type rating, it is applicable to determining the identity of the candidate and their credentials. As the CFI or GI is not listed as a category or document, select Pilot’s License and the description that best fits. i.e. a US certificate and the candidate provides primary training, select Pilot Private.

Use a physical address. TSA requires physical addresses and will not accept P.O. Boxes.

Providing an address when house number is not available. When a candidate’s address does not have a house number or street name, they should send FTSP a detailed description to where they live, sort of giving directions. The candidate will still be required to enter their regular address in step 5. Candidates should send this email right after the training request is paid for so TSA can post a comment to the training request as soon as they receive it.

Sample Email: Regarding my home address, due to the fact that my house does not have a Number in a rural area I can confirm that the house is located in the village of Christiana, Worcestershire. For directions: from the B4084 Evesham to Peter Road turn North into the village of Christiana at Brook Lane. Brook Lane becomes Main Street and my house (The Smiths) is halfway though the village on the East side of Main Street. Lat and Long ref N52 06 10.95 W2 00 08.62.

Consistently use one current address. When the pilot maintains two current addresses, list one as current and the other as historical and enter the end date as the date the pilot is completing the application.