Who requires TSA approval?

Non-U.S. citizen applicants requesting flight training for private, instrument, or multiengine ratings must apply. All other flight training for aircraft below 12,500 MTOW is not required to be approved (i.e. commercial, instructor, ATP ratings, etc.). Non-U.S. citizen applicants requesting flight raining for aircraft above 12,500 MTOW must apply.

When should I apply?

First discuss your training goals with a representative from our flight school by contacting us here. Once a your account is setup and a proposed schedule is in place, you’ll be asked to register with TSA.

Are there exemptions?

Exemptions from the TSA security threat assessment are allowed to aliens who have been endorsed by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). To verify, a letter from the DOD attache at the U.S. Embassy in your country of residence must be presented to the flight training provider. A DOD attache may log in to the Flight Training Security Program (FTSP) DOD website and submit relevant training details. FTSP will issue the DOD endorsement letter to the flight training provider.

Where do I register?


Once registered, fill out the application to request flight training. Please ensure all information is accurate, current and complete. If you’re having trouble with your application or account, try these common troubleshooting solutions.

What flight training information do I need?

Follow these steps on the https://fts.tsa.dhs.gov site:

  • Flight Training Organization: click the “find” button and locate ‘Angel City Flyers’
  • Type of Flight Training: Enter primary, instrument, or multiengine. If you are doing more than one course, you may add the additional courses at this time.
  • Course ID#: This number consists of the course and year attended (IDYY).
    • Primary (PPL) ID: 01 (enter ‘0124’ for courses staring in 2024)
    • Instrument ID: 02 (enter ‘0224’ for courses staring in 2024)
    • Multiengine ID: 03 (enter ‘0324’ for courses staring in 2024)

After you submit your flight training request, Angel City Flyers will be notified to validate or reject knowledge of your intent to receive flight training.

Does it cost anything?

If your request is validated, TSA will send detailed payment instructions via email. When you receive the email, you may login to your FTSP account at https://fts.tsa.dhs.gov and pay the $130 processing fee.

FTSP does not refund the $130 processing fee. As soon as TSA receives payment verification, vetting will begin on your application. Please double check that your application and training details are correct before you submit payment.

To submit payment, login to your account and navigate to the “Home” page (“Manage Training Requests” tab). At the bottom of the page in the “Flight Training Applications” table is a “Pay” button, in the “Actions” column.

Additional fees (fingerprinting, etc.) may be incurred during the process.

Do I have to submit fingerprints?

Unless you are currently qualified in the aircraft and seeking recurrent flight training for a type rating on aircraft greater than 12,500 MTOW, yes.

Once TSA receives confirmation of your processing fee payment, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to submit fingerprints.

When can I start training?

Candidates requesting flight training for private, instrument, or multiengine ratings may commence training upon payment of the application fee and acknowledgment of receipt of fingerprints from TSA. You and the flight school will both be notified when prints are received and you may initiate training.

Candidates requesting flight raining for aircraft above 12,500 MTOW are required to wait for final approval from TSA before training is commenced. You and the training provider will both be notified when final approval is granted.